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In the l4linux-2.6, if set L4ARCH=arm, the processor type is fixed to CPU_SA1100. 
And the arm instruction version is armv4.

I want to use arch-dependent code for pxa, so I changed CPU_SA1100 to CPU_XSCALE config and
arm instruction set version to armv5te
$ l4linux-2.6/arch/l4/Makefile

CFLAGS += -D__LINUX_ARM_ARCH__=5 -march=armv5te

and found a code,

$ l4linux-2.6/arch/l4/kernel/arch-arm/setup.c

unsigned int processor_id = 0x0001f000; /* ARMv4 */

The processor_id is fixed to ARMv4 value. My question is

001. How processor_id affect the linux?? Should I also change this value to a armv5te value??
002. If I have to change it, what is the proper value for armv5te?? I can't find the value anywhere.

Thank you!!!
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