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Hi Jeff,
   Being in a similar boat, I don't have a good answer for you.  But here's a copy
(in semi-alphabetical order) of my L4 bookshelf and links to the other bookshelves I know about.

   Maybe you've found these already.

-Hope this helps


++++L4 - My Bookshelves 
L4 eXperimental Kernel Reference Manual - (Karlsruhe) - Version X.2, Revision 5 - June 4 2004 

L4 User Manual - NICTA L4-embedded API - Ihor Kuz - Document Version 1.11 of October 5, 2005 

L4Ka::Pistachio PowerPC Implementation Revision: 1.9 - Joshua LeVasseur - Karlsruhe 

NICTA L4-embedded Kernel Reference Manual Version NICTA N1, Revision 5 

On Micro-Kernel Contruction - Jochen Liedke - Karlsruhe - 15th ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles (SOSP) December 3-6, Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado 

Real-Time Programming and L4 Microkernels - Sergio Ruocco - NICTA - UNSW - 2007 

Towards Real Microkernels - Jochen Liedke - Karlsruhe - September 1996/Vol. 39, No. 9 Communications of the ACM 

++++L4 - Other Bookshelves 
Dresden L4 Developer's Bibliography

Karlsruhe L4Ka Publications - OR - Karlsruhe System Architecture Group L4ka Publications 
http://www.l4ka.org/publications/ - OR - http://i30www.ira.uka.de/research/publications/l4ka/index.php?lid=en

NICTA ERTOS Publications 

Teaching material from University of Karlsruhe 

Teaching material from University of New South Wales 

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Hi Coly,

I've read through the X.2 spec and some of the other papers that looked like they might be useful. Unfortunately, they are not really helpful to me. Or, perhaps it is better to say that they don't seem to paint a full picture.

What I think would really be helpful is the L4 System Programmer's Manual. I've waited for it to materialize for years now, but it still hasn't appeared. Do you have any particular papers to suggest? Does you know if/when the System Programmer's Manual will be released?


>hi, do you read some papers for L4 ?  Maybe you can start from reading 
>these papers.
>在 2007-02-27二的 22:36 +0900,Jeff Douglas写道:
> Greetings,
> I have had some interest in os development and theory for quite some 
> time now, and a particular interest in L4. I'm a newbie, but I've read 
> through a lot, and have done some os programming for fun in the past.
> My question is: what is your advice on learning and hacking L4?
> I've read through quite a bit of the documentation, but reading 
> through specs does not seem like a good way to really understand; it 
> seems like too much to digest at once. And of course, the purpose of a 
> specification is to specify, not explain. I've browsed through source 
> code, but that is even worse.
> I'm sorry if my question is overly broad, but I'd appreciate any 
> advice that anyone can spare.
> Regards,
> JD
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