X Windowing System Under Dope

SwiftBoo swiftboo at comcast.net
Sat Mar 24 06:33:15 CET 2007

Is there a "how-to" on configuring the X Windowing System for running 
under dope?  If not, I'd be happy to write one up afterwards, if someone 
could help me through the process...

I am interested in running the X Windowing System from within L4Linux on 
my existing DROPS workstation (currently using my existing distribution 
-- Debian Sarge) on native hardware. 

With Adam's previous help, I have managed to get everything else 
(fiasco, dope, l4linux with networking) up and running perfectly fine.  

I see from the Nitpicker demo on the Demo CD, that xorg.conf is 
configured to run the OvlScreen device driver, and xinitrc runs an 
ovltrack process, however i didn't see these binaries get built as part 
of the usual drops build process. 

I did find an ovlscreen.c in the examples directory... is there a 
separate build process for generating the binaries to use under 
l4linux?  How can I build ovlscreen and ovltrack for my system?

Is Nitpicker required or is it optional?  I noticed there is now an 
l4ovlwm, in addition to the nitovlwm binary referenced by the demo cd -- 
however, i don't see a nitdope binary that the demo cd references.  Has 
this been integrated directly into l4dope, or perhaps no longer supported?

Am I missing other pieces as well?

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer!


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