getting started with L4Linux and DDE

Igor Shmukler shmukler at
Tue Mar 27 19:28:30 CEST 2007


First, I would like to thank everyone for their assistance me with getting up and running.
I built a cross sandbox under Ubuntu 6.10 - not a major achievement :) If anyone wants the VMWare image, please let me know. It's 4GB in size, so please prepare enough space for upload.

Now, I have been looking through sources. So far these seem quite clear. I even started hacking together something of my own.

I do however have questions about using the system.
The make installs everything (besides bootstrap and perhaps another tool or two) into the /home/drops/bin/...

There is no GRUB menu.lst in that specific directory, but there are a few samples along with various modules. So far everything is very clear and logical.

What puzzles me. The DDE (sound) sample needs a missing file - fiasco. However, I only have fiasco_top in my bin. Am I missing it because I need to build (or install) it manually? There is a file in l4/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco (symlink to the main). That file is an ELF binary. Seems like a logical candidate. :)

Are these files not copied by make install because kernels are interchangeable and I could swap one for another?

Is there a quick way to test that everything works?

Is the TUD GRUB's only difference support for JDB, or are there are features? Do I have to use TUD GRUB to boot, or only when I need debugging? I am assuming the answer to the next question has to be "YES," however I would like to know for sure. Is TUD GRUB 100% compatible with a regular GRUB? If not, am I likely to need the old GRUB for booting regular Linux?

Sorry for spamming the list. I could not find good documentation covering this topic.

Thank you in advance,


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