9th Real Time Linux Workshop, Linz, Austria, Nov 2-4 2007

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                        9th Real-Time Linux Workshop

                              November 2-4, 2007
                    Institute for Measurement Technology
                     Johannes Kepler University of Linz

                               CALL FOR PAPERS


    Following the meetings of developers and users at the previous 8
    successful real-time Linux workshops held in Vienna, Orlando, Milano,
    Boston, and Valencia, Singapur, Lille, and Lanzhou the Real-Time Linux
    Workshop for 2007 will come back to Europa, to be held at the Institute
    for Measurement Technology, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.

    Embedded and real-time Linux is continuously growing player in the
    embedded appliance market world wide. Embedded systems in automation
    control, measurement and multimedia have been continuously moving towards
    32bit systems, opening the door for the use of full featured OS like
    GNU/Linux on COTS based systems. With real-time capabilities being a
    common demand for embedded systems the soft and hard real-time variants
    are an important extension to the versatile GNU/Linux GPOS.

    Authors are invited to submit original work dealing with general topics
    related to real-time Linux research, experiments and case studies, as well
    as issues of integration of real-time and embedded Linux. A special focus
    will be on industrial case studies. Topics of interest include, but are
    not limited to:

      * Modifications and variants of the GNU/Linux operating system extending
        it's real-time capabilities
      * Contributions to real-time Linux variants, drivers and extensions.
      * User-mode real-time concepts, implementation and experience
      * Real-time Linux applications, in academia, research and industry
      * Real-time Linux in measurement and data-aquisition systems
      * Signal processing with Linux/real-time Linux.
      * Work in progress reports, covering recent developments
      * Educational material on real-time Linux.
      * Tools for embedding Linux or real-time Linux and embedded real-time
        Linux applications
      * RTOS core concepts, RT-safe synchronization mechanisms
      * Analysis and Benchmarking methods and results of real-time GNU/Linux
      * Debugging techniques and tools, both for code and temporal debugging of
        core RTOS components, drivers and real-time applications
      * Real-time realted extensions to development environments
      * RT-Linux in safety-critical systems


    In order to participate to the workshop, please register on the
    Registration Page at:



    Johannes Kepler University,Linz, Austria




   Important dates:

    August 11, 2007 Abstract submission
    September 15, 2007 Notification of acceptance
    October 13, 2007 Final paper
    Nov 2-3 Workshop

   Organization committee:

      * Prof. Bernhard ZAGAR, (JKU, AUSTRIA)
      * Prof. Li LIAN , (LZU, CHINA)
      * Dr. Peter WURMSDOBLER , (RTLF, USA)
      * Prof. Nicholas MCGUIRE , (LZU, CHINA)

   Program committee:

    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zagar (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, AUSTRIA)
    Prof. Li Lian (SISE, Lanzhou University, CHINA)
    Prof. Dr. Paolo Mantegazza (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, ITALY)
    Prof. Dr. Alfons Crespo (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia,SPAIN)
    Prof. Dr. Ismael Ripoll (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia,SPAIN)
    Ing. Pavel Pisa (Czech Technical University, CZECH REPUBLIC)
    Dr. Miguel Masmano Tello (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia,SPAIN)
    Dr. Zhang Feng, Director of Mobile OS Lab (LCR Lenovo, CHINA)
    Prof. Hanzalek Zdenek (Czech Technical University, CZECH REPUBLIC)
    Ing. Michael Rumpler (Thales Group, AUSTRIA)
    Ing. Philippe Gerum (ADEOS Maintainer, Xenomai, FRANCE)
    Prof. Xing Li (Tsinghua University, CERNET Center,CHINA)
    Prof. Hongan Wang (Institute of Software, Intelligence Engineering Lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)
    Dr. Chen Maoke, (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
    Dr. Chen Yu, (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
    Dr. Bin Hu, (Computing Department of Computing, Business School, University of Central England,UNITED KINGDOM)
    Dr. Lei Wang, (School of Computer Science,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,CHINA)
    Prof. Roberto Bucher (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland Dept. Innovative Technologies, SWITZERLAND)
    Ing. Klaus Reichl (Thales Group, AUSTRIA)
    Dr. Don W. Carr (Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, MEXICO)
    Thomas Gleixner (Linutronix, RT-Preempt, GERMANY)
    Tim Bird (Sony, USA)
    Ing. Christoph Stueckjuergen (Siemens CT SE 2, GERMANY)
    Prof. Marting Terbuc (University of Maribor, SLOVENIA)
    Prof. Matthias Sturm (University of Leibzig, GERMANY)
    Prof. Ahmet Onat (Sabanci University, TURKEY)
    Dr. Qingguo ZHOU (DSLab, Lanzhou University, CHINA)
    Dr. Peter Wurmsdobler (Real Time Linux Foundation, USA)
    Prof. Nicholas Mc Guire (DSLAb, Lanzhou University, CHINA)

   Workshop organizers:

      * Institute for Measurement Technology ,Johannes Kepler University of Linz
        Austria http://www.emt.uni-linz.ac.at/
      * Real-Time Linux Foundation Inc.
        USA http://www.realtimelinuxfoundation.org
      * School for Information Science and Engineering (SISE), University of
        Lanzhou China http://www.lzu.edu.cn
      * Distributed and Embedded Systems Lab, University of Lanzhou, China

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