L4Env Building Problem!

Marius.bao marius.bao at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 10:51:20 CEST 2007

  Thanks for previous information.
  I've checkouted l4env using:
  svn checkout -N http://svn.tudos.org/repos/tudos/trunk tudos
  cd l4
  ./repomgr co l4env

  When I tried to compile l4env, errors occured in some idl file.
  eg: names.idl in names package
  import <l4/sys/types.h>
import <l4/names/libnames.h>

/** IDL interface of the name server. */
interface names
   long register([in, string] char *name);

   long register_thread([in, string] char *name,
                        [in] l4_threadid_t id);

   long unregister_thread([in, string] char *name,
                          [in] l4_threadid_t id);

   long unregister_task([in] l4_threadid_t id);

   long query_name([in, string] char *name,
                   [out] l4_threadid_t *id);

   long query_id([in] l4_threadid_t id,
                 [out, string, prealloc_client, max_is(NAMES_MAX_NAME_LEN)] (*)
		 char **name);modified

errors occured in the last function at the (*) line, the error
information is as follows:
unknown attribute
dice: 1 Error(s) and 0 Warning(s) occured.

when I modified the function into long query_id([in] l4_threadid_t id,
                 [out, string]
		 char **name);
It compiles OK. I don't know what's the problem as I know little about
the corba idl.

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