Installation for a dummy..

ComputerScienceStudent skitmax81 at
Mon Jul 2 11:07:43 CEST 2007

I'm an universitary computer science student and I've to do some benchmarks
on microkernel's OS.
Because I'd not ever install, or try to do something similar, a OS like
this, before I try to do an installation by my own,
I prefer to ask someone who is a specialist in these stuff.

I've to install L4 on my portable computer: in this machine I've already
installed Windows XP and Suse10.2.
Now, the question is: do I have to install L4 on Suse? Is there anothr way
like install L4Linux?
I understand that L4Linux is the L4 microkernel with the Linux kernel over
it.. so I think that installing this distribution I can
hold my old OSs on the the computer and simply I will create an entry in the
bootloader to select the new one.

Please, someone help me.. I'm in crisis.. :-|
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