Run L4linux on ARM platform

kashin Lin kashin08 at
Tue Jul 3 10:46:27 CEST 2007


i am a new hand to do this...
so i really need some help & suggestions.

this is my GOAL : run ( port )  L4linux on ARM platform (ARM920T-S3C2410)
( the link of that platform : PreSOCes-C in )

i have some question:
1. i know L4Linux must run with l4(fiasco) & l4env.but when i want to
download L4Linux  from , instead of module "
l4linux", svn only has module "l4linux-2.6-env".
   so i am confused that is this module(l4linux-2.6-env) contains L4Linux +
fiasco + l4env or just L4Linux or not at all???

    or give me a suggestion about what i should download to achieve my goal

2. to achieve my goal, i guess the process should be:
    cross-compile source code to image → load the image to target platform →
modify bootloader to boot from l4linux → finish
    is this process right ?
    should i modify any file before cross-compiling l4linux?
    are there any thing i should take care about?

thanks for any suggestions. i really need your help. thank you~
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