why there is no bin and lib directory under build directory after I compiled the L4

丁莹 dingy09 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 03:39:39 CEST 2007

          I have get a tudos from svn a few days ago,but when I have
compiled it,there is no bin and lib derictory under tudos/l4/build/.And In
the /tudos/l4/build/include derictory ,there is only a l4 directory which
containning just a one file,but all compile process are all right.
          Of course,when I use this L4env to compile the l4linux-2.6.21,there
is a lot of error,you can seeing the error informantion from the attachment.
The compiler instructor I used as follow:
          cd tudos
          make -C l4 config O=./build
          make -C l4 O=./build
          The config options I used are as same as before,so I don't know
what have happened.And I used the linux distribution is slackware 10.2,
          Everybody who knows this problem please hlep me.Thanks!

Best Regards!
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