Error when compiling l4linux

fang zhengshu fangzhsh07 at
Fri Nov 9 11:55:45 CET 2007


after some days trying to compile l4linux , I reach the following
problem while compiling l4linux :
  AR      lib/lib.a
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../proc.o
  LD      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/proc.o
  LD      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/built-in.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../../../i386/lib/bitops.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../../../i386/lib/delay.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../../../i386/lib/mmx.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../../../i386/lib/string.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../../../i386/lib/strstr.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../memcpy_user.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../pte.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/../uaccess.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/checksum.o
  CC      arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/memcpy.o
make[1]: *** No rule to make target "arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/mmx.o",need by
"arch/l4/lib/arch-i386/lib.a". stop。
make: *** [arch/l4/lib/arch-i386] Error 2

I use the /l4linux-2.6/arch/l4/configs/x86-native_defconfig as the
cp /l4linux-2.6/arch/l4/configs/x86-native_defconfig config
cp config .config
make oldconfig ;make menuconfig

and also I modified the cpu type and device driver.
but when I compiled it on AMD Athlon the error apear;
when I compiled it on p4 it worked well.
I really don't know how to resolve this.
Help would be very welcome.

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