CfP - Workshop on Isolation and Integration in Embedded Systems (IIES 2008) at EuroSys

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                    EuroSys 2008 ACM SIGOPS Workshop on

               Isolation and Integration in Embedded Systems
                               (IIES 2008)


                       --- Call for Contributions ---


Embedded systems developers today are confronted with a large variety
of challenges in the design and implementation of a system. Issues
such as co-location of different applications on a single hard- or
software platform ("co-habitation"), platform integration of different
embedded operating environments as well as safety and protection of
embedded software systems require novel approaches to embedded systems
development as well as the adaptation of technologies from mainframe
and desktop computing, like virtualization and emulation. This, in
turn, will change traditional embedded design processes to include
hardware and software of growing complexity.

This workshops aims to bring together researchers and developers from
all areas of embedded systems in order to create a lively discussion of
these novel approaches in integration and isolation of embedded systems
and the associated challenges and prospects.

Suggested topics for papers and discussion include, but are not
restricted to:

- Virtualization in embedded systems
- System support for temporal and spatial isolation of system-level
   and application code in embedded systems
- Interaction and resource sharing between isolated components
- System- and language-based isolation techniques
- Configurable isolation mechanisms
- Lightweight address space models for isolation
   and similar architectural ffeatures
- Isolation mechanisms and resource constraints -- memory,
   energy, performance
- Optimization of complex co-habitated embedded systems
- Platform integration of embedded systems
- Preservation of temporal constraints in isolated and integrated
- Integration of legacy embedded systems in new designs
- Experience reports and details on performance, energy and cost


Prospective participants of the workshop are asked to submit a position
paper or experience report (3 to 6 pages). Submission of industry
papers is particularly encouraged. All papers must be written in
English. The papers should be submitted in PDF format by January 31st,
2008.  Detailed submission instructions can be found at the workshop
web site.

Attendance to the workshop is limited to facilitate lively discussions.
Participation will be by invitation only, based on the program
committee's evaluation of the submission. Accepted participants will
be notified by February 28th, 2008.

Accepted position papers will be distributed among the participants
electronically prior to the workshop. More detailed information will
be available at the IIES home page.

Camera-ready versions of all accepted papers have to be submitted by
March 13th, 2008. Detailed instructions will be emailed to the authors.


January 31, 2008 -- position paper submission by email

February 28, 2008 -- notification of acceptance

March 13, 2008 -- submission of camera-ready versions


This workshop will be highly interactive. Accepted papers will be
posted on the workshop website ahead of the venue and participants
are expected to familiarize themselves with the topics presented.
In particular, participants should prepare questions, comments and a
list of suggested improvements for the authors of topics they are
interested in.

To prepare a special collaborative work session the organizers will
use the position papers and the input by the participants to compile
a list of questions, which will be discussed and answered during the
workshop in discussion groups.  The list can be extended or changed
during the workshop, if the discussion brings up additional interesting


Presented papers will be published electronically on the workshop web
page and in a printed version as a technical report.


Michael Engel, University of Dortmund, Germany
Olaf Spinczyk, University of Dortmund, Germany

Dr. Michael Engel           michael.engel at - engel at
University of Dortmund      Phone: +49 231 755 6141
Dept. of Computer Sc. XII   Fax:   +49 231 755 6116
Embedded Systems Software   Otto-Hahn-Str. 16, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany

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