Please help me to solve this problem of my application

Michael Roitzsch mroi at
Mon Jan 15 11:24:43 CET 2007


> clock_s | L4RM: [PF] write at 0x00000000, ip 018001ac, src 8.02
> clock_s | [8.0] l4rm/lib/src/pagefault.c:78:__unknown_pf():
> clock_s |  unhandled page fault
> 	The attachment is the source code, too.
> 	Thank you.

You bumped into the same problem as here:

Those "second" and "nanosecond" pointers you allocated basically  
point to nowhere, since they are never assigned. The right thing to  
do is allocate them as scalar values instead of pointers and then use  
& on the scalars later to turn them into pointers on the fly.


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