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Tue Jan 16 23:53:03 CET 2007


On Fri Jan 12, 2007 at 16:35:03 +0100, Christian, Martin, OPEE45 wrote:
> > maybe the KMB lecture slides are somehow helpful.
> They are a good starting point to understand the principles. However the
> mapping to the code is still unclear. Wouldn't it be possible to get a
> student (HiWi) writing some documentation?

It's difficult to find someone who who can do this.

> > You should have some good understanding of Linux internals though
> Yes. And that's exactly my problem ... :-(

Well but that's needed.

> > understand what the important code does.
> First understand what the important code is.

Yes, sure. Some of the code has core character, some is more optional.

> > Besides that you can of course ask questions and I can try to answer
> them.
> >From your lecture I understand that a new architecture would require
> mainly changes to the "Lower Half" of L4Linux. But I suppose there are
> also changes required to the Syscall Interface. However, since I want to

Yes, both sides.

> port it to another L4 Interface, I'll also have to rewrite a lot more.
> So I'm tending more to use either the L4Linux-2.4 (where there is no
> documentation) or Wombat, which at least builds on the L4.X2 API.

The interface of current L4Linux is conceptually quite the same as X.2,
so there aren't so much difference on how they work.

> Anyways, I fear I won't manage to do it within 6 weeks ... :-(

Frankly, yes, I'd say 6 weeks is quite a bit too little time...

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