Learning and Hacking L4

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Tue Feb 27 18:18:38 CET 2007


Indeed, I do not read L4 source code. But I read lots of paper for L4.
Because I am writing a hobby microkernel, and learn many idea from L4,
so read paper and check corresponding source code is enough for me.

Therefore, reading related papers is the only advice I can provide. Of
cause reading source code is good, but I am also newbie for L4
inside :-)

For the system programmer's manual, I have no idea.

BTW, here are some papers I have read and recommend to you:

* Jochen Liedtke, Caches Versus Object Allocation
* Jochen Liedtke, Clans & Chiefs
* Uwe Dannowski, Managing Code Complexity in a Portable Microkernel
* H.Hartig, J.Wolter, J.Liedtke, Flexible-Sized Page-Objects
* Andreas Haeberlen, User Level Management of L4 Kernel Memory
* Jochen Liedtke, Improving IPC by Kernel Design
* Trent Jaeger, etc, Synchronous IPC over Transparent Monitors
* Uwe Dannowski, etc, The L4Ka Vision
* Jochen Liedtke, Lazy Context Switching Algorithms for Sparc-like
* Jochen Liedtke, Horst Wenske, Lazy Process Switching
* Ben Leslie, etc, User-level Device Drivers: Achieved Performance
* Jochen Liedtke, Improved Address-Space Switching on Pentium Processors
by Transparently Multiplexing User Address Spaces
* Jochen Liedtke, On u-Kernel Construction
* Jork Loser, Michael Hohmuth, Omega0: A portable interface to interrupt
hardware for L4 systems
* Volkmar Uhlig, Uwe Dannowski, Espen Skoglund, Andreas Haeberlen,
Gernot Heiser, Performance of Address-Space Multiplexing on the Pentium
* Hermann Hartig, Michael Hohmuth, Jochen Liedtke, Sebastian Schonberg,
Jean Wolter, The Performance of u-Kernel-Based Systems
* Jochen Liedtke, Toward Real Microkernels
* Jochen Liedtke,u-Kernels Must And Can Be Small

Hope helpful.


在 2007-02-28三的 01:28 +0900,Jeff Douglas写道:
> Hi Coly,
> I've read through the X.2 spec and some of the other papers that
> looked like they might be useful. Unfortunately, they are not really
> helpful to me. Or, perhaps it is better to say that they don't seem to
> paint a full picture.
> What I think would really be helpful is the L4 System Programmer's
> Manual. I've waited for it to materialize for years now, but it still
> hasn't appeared. Do you have any particular papers to suggest? Does
> you know if/when the System Programmer's Manual will be released?
> Regards,
> JD
> >Jeff:
> >hi, do you read some papers for L4 ?  Maybe you can start from reading
> >these papers.
> >
> >Coly
> >
> >在 2007-02-27二的 22:36 +0900,Jeff Douglas写道:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I have had some interest in os development and theory for quite some
> > time now, and a particular interest in L4. I'm a newbie, but I've read
> > through a lot, and have done some os programming for fun in the past.
> >
> > My question is: what is your advice on learning and hacking L4?
> >
> > I've read through quite a bit of the documentation, but reading
> > through specs does not seem like a good way to really understand; it
> > seems like too much to digest at once. And of course, the purpose of a
> > specification is to specify, not explain. I've browsed through source
> > code, but that is even worse.
> >
> > I'm sorry if my question is overly broad, but I'd appreciate any
> > advice that anyone can spare.
> >
> > Regards,
> > JD
> >
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