How many tasks can be started?

Daniel Vandersee dvandersee at
Thu Mar 15 14:49:10 CET 2007

>> The task creation via rmgr_task_new seems
>> to work (a valid task id is returned), but it seems that I can't serve
>> the first page fault. If I serve it with an fpage, I immediately get the
>> same page fault again and again. With simple_ts configured to 245 tasks
>> everything works fine.
> I don't quite get this. You create task 256 via rmgr and sending
> pagefaults does not work but it does work when descreasing simple_ts
> tasks by one? Have a demo program?

Sorry, I was wrong. The first page fault does indeed works well.
However, I get a read only page fault at address 0x0000000 after the
25th to 30th page fault (depending on the program that was started). But
I only get this page fault if the task number is above 255. I debuged
both versions (with task number below 255 and above 255) in parallel and
compared the mapped pages but couldn't find any differences. The problem
can be reproduced under Qemu with the iso-image I recently added to the
SLOX server (deadlock.iso).


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