X Windowing System Under Dope

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Sat Mar 24 11:11:21 CET 2007


On Fri Mar 23, 2007 at 22:33:15 -0700, SwiftBoo wrote:
> Is there a "how-to" on configuring the X Windowing System for running 
> under dope?  If not, I'd be happy to write one up afterwards, if someone 
> could help me through the process...
> I am interested in running the X Windowing System from within L4Linux on 
> my existing DROPS workstation (currently using my existing distribution 
> -- Debian Sarge) on native hardware. 
> With Adam's previous help, I have managed to get everything else 
> (fiasco, dope, l4linux with networking) up and running perfectly fine.  
> Thanks!

The easiest way is to just use the fbdev X driver which uses the
framebuffer interface provided by the l4fb driver in L4Linux. This
driver also takes care of the input. The responsiveness of the X system
depends on the refresh rate of the whole frame buffer, so you may want
to adjust it. Use l4fb.refreshsleep=40 on the L4Linux kernel command
line to change to 25 fps. 10 fps default.

> I see from the Nitpicker demo on the Demo CD, that xorg.conf is 
> configured to run the OvlScreen device driver, and xinitrc runs an 
> ovltrack process, however i didn't see these binaries get built as part 
> of the usual drops build process. 

> I did find an ovlscreen.c in the examples directory... is there a 
> separate build process for generating the binaries to use under 
> l4linux?  How can I build ovlscreen and ovltrack for my system?

Those are not built automatically but you should be able to build them
on your own. Just go to (e.g.) overlay_wm/examples/xf86screen and do the
usual 'make O=...'. As this is an X driver you'll also need X sources to
compile against.

> Is Nitpicker required or is it optional?  I noticed there is now an 
> l4ovlwm, in addition to the nitovlwm binary referenced by the demo cd -- 
> however, i don't see a nitdope binary that the demo cd references.  Has 
> this been integrated directly into l4dope, or perhaps no longer supported?

Nitpicker is optional in the sense that you may also leave it out and
just use DOpE alone. nitdope is built in nitpicker/examples/nitdope but
is currently tagged to not be built automatically. It might work though.
I fear this stuff is quite a bit experimental. Maybe someone else also
likes to comment on that.

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