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On Tue, 27 Mar 2007 21:28:30 +0400 Igor Shmukler (IS) wrote:

IS> What puzzles me. The DDE (sound) sample needs a missing file - fiasco.
IS> However, I only have fiasco_top in my bin. Am I missing it because I need
IS> to build (or install) it manually? There is a file in
IS> l4/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco (symlink to the main). That file is an ELF
IS> binary. Seems like a logical candidate. :)

That's the right one. 

IS> Are these files not copied by make install because kernels are
IS> interchangeable and I could swap one for another?

The L4 kernel and the user environment are separate packages. The kernel uses
its own configuration tool and build system. That's why the build system for
the user environment does not meddle with the kernel.

IS> Is there a quick way to test that everything works?

Boot your binaries on bare-metal hardware. Another option would be to build a
Fiasco-UX kernel and boot your setup under Linux. More details on the Fiasco

IS> Is the TUD GRUB's only difference support for JDB, or are there are
IS> features? Do I have to use TUD GRUB to boot, or only when I need debugging?

TUD GRUB has nothing to do with JDB. You can boot your setup with any
multiboot-compliant bootloader and use JDB (if compiled into Fiasco) for
debugging. Among other things, TUD GRUB sports the "modaddr" directive, which
provides more flexibility over where your modules are loaded in memory so as
to avoid overlaps.

IS> I am assuming the answer to the next question has to be "YES," however I
IS> would like to know for sure. Is TUD GRUB 100% compatible with a regular
IS> GRUB? If not, am I likely to need the old GRUB for booting regular Linux?

The functionality of TUD GRUB is a superset of the original GRUB.


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