Fiasco runtime error

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Thu Mar 29 10:07:17 CEST 2007


On Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 09:26:46 +0200, eschierb at wrote:
> For my verification of Fiasco I would like to test some of the assumptions
> I am making in the proof. One way to test these assumptions is to add these
> assumptions as assert() calls in the kernel and check if they fire when the
> kernel is running a stress-test. The idea is to create an L4Linux instance and
> run an IPC-intensive application on it.
> For the compilation of l4-env and Fiasco I followed the instructions on this
> webpage:
> However, when I tried to execute step 3 (“Go to the l4 directory and call
> make config”) the system complained: “make config does not work:
> need to give builddir with O=.../buildir. Stop”. Of course this was easy to
> correct but I thought I’d notify you anyway.

Thanks, I fixed it.

> After compiling Fiasco and l4-env, I thought I’d try out the hello module.
> I moved the fiasco, irq0 and ux-con files from the Fiasco build directory
> to the DROPS build directory after which I started Fiasco as follows:
> ./fiasco –l hello
> This resulted in the following:
> Bootstrapping...
> Welcome to Fiasco(ux)!
> DD-L4(v2)/x86 microkernel (C) 1998-2006 TU Dresden
> Rev: Thu Dec 21 08:55:14 2006 compiled with gcc 3.4.6 for Intel Pentium
> CPU: AuthenticAMD (6:6:2:0) Model: Athlon (Palomino) at 1160 MHz
>    16/256 Entry I TLB (4K pages)      8 Entry I TLB (4M pages)
>    32/256 Entry D TLB (4K pages)      8 Entry D TLB (4M pages)
>    64 KB L1 I Cache (2-way associative, 64 bytes per line)
>    64 KB L1 D Cache (2-way associative, 64 bytes per line)
>   256 KB L2 U Cache (8-way associative, 64 bytes per line)
> Freeing init code/data: 24576 bytes (6 pages)
> Calibrating timer loop... done.
> SIGMA0: Hello!
>    KIP @ 39f5000
>    Found Fiasco: KIP syscalls: yes
>    allocated 4KB for maintenance structures
> --Interception--------------------------------------ESP:00096748 EIP:000907cf
> (2.00) jdb:

I have a suspicion but would like to see your sigma0 binary to verify.
Can send it to me?

> As you can see we automatically entered the debugger, any attempt to
> continue (using the “g” command) failed. I compiled Fiasco with the
> following options:
> Target platform: UX
> Exception IPC: Y
> Handle and preserve segments: Y
> Graphical console: Y
> Generate inline code: Y

Nothing wrong with these options.
> I also tried to run a test of Fiasco using: ./fiasco –T which indicates that
>   something is wrong:

As this is just a switch switch for developemnt this behaviour is ok.

Adam                 adam at

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