hda : lost interrupt

Burak OGUZ burakoguzs at yahoo.com
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Sorry for the last e-mail I accidently pushed sent button..

The content of the bin folder doesn't contain 'isocreator' executable. And I am stuck in creating iso . I have tried to create iso with mkisofs but I could not succeed. 

Also I couldn't find dmon in the svn repos. Could you give the exact repo address for dmon so I can check it out.

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Hi Burak,

Burak OGUZ wrote on 29.03.2007 13:58 this:
> My grub configuration does not contain -esc. 

> How can I run my installed l4 over qemu?
you could for instance create a bootable cd-rom image:

   1.  create a directory which will contain all the files of the
iso-image. Lets call it iso
   2. in the iso directory create a boot/grub directory
   3. put the files you want to boot somewhere into the iso directory
(preferably into boot/)
   4. create the respective Grub entries in boot/grub/menu.lst (have a
look at the demo-cd boot/grub/menu.lst for examples)
   5. in the iso directory, call '$(L4DIR)/tool/bin/isocreator . image'
   6. boot the image with 'qemu -serial stdio -cdrom image'

You might want to check which VBE modes qemu supports.

The option -serial stdio gives you the serial console in the terminal
window where you started qemu.

> Do you mean RS232 cable serial null modem cable? I am working L4 on laptop therefore I don't have a direct RS232 access. I can not maintain that logs now. Are there any other ways that can I collect that this log info?
As an alternative you can obtain the package dmon from our SVN
repository (if you do not have it already). In the dmon directory is a
README how to use it.  Dmon basically opens a dope window and collects
all debug logging information.  This way you can see the log output even
if you do not have a serial null modem cable and a second computer to debug.

On the downside you will have to copy the debug information by hand
(write it down, type it into your email program...).

HTH, Ron.
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