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Ronald Aigner ra3 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Apr 2 13:46:18 CEST 2007

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Burak OGUZ wrote on 02.04.2007 13:05 this:
> Thanks for the explanations..
> Finally I have booted it but this time it gave such an
> error : 
> L4 Bootstrapper
>   Scaning /main -nowait -nokdb -serial -comspeed
> 115200 -comport 1
>   loaded module section:   [00300000-003017c0) /main
> -nowait -nokdb -serial -comspeed 115200 -comport 1
>   overlaps with:           [0013b000-01b5cbf6) Modules
> Memory
>   [0009f000-00100000) BIOS area
>   [00100000-00108764) bootstrap
>   [0013b000-01b5cbf6) Modules Memory
>   [04000000-ffffffff) Deep Space
> region overlap
> Key press reboots...
Again, that's probably my fault. I assume you used stage2_eltorito from
your local Grub installation.  To avoid overlapping memory regions when
bootstrap unpacks and starts the modules, we modified Grub to support
the modaddr command.  As you can see from the memory layout the modaddr
command (modaddr 0x06000000) in your menu.lst had no effect ->
[0013b000-01b5cbf6) Modules Memory.

Thus, you will have to get our modified version of Grub (check
http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~adam/grub/ for details).  Sorry for the
trouble.  As an alternative, we have a patch lurking around that allows
to use an unmodified Grub with a modified bootstrap binary.  We are
waiting for this patch to be pushed to the public repository.  But this
may take a while.

HTH, Ron.
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