hda : lost interrupt

chenggh chenggh04 at st.lzu.edu.cn
Tue Apr 3 13:59:10 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 03 April 2007 11:47, you wrote:
> Linux's that I have compiled l4 and l4linux , is in
> /dev/hda1. But home folder is in /dev/hda3. And the l4
> codes and build directory is in /dev/hda3
> I did not understand the root concept in the l4linux
> coniguration.
	The root concept in l4linux is same as in linux. A simple root file system 
consists of different directories including /bin /etc /lib /dev/, etc. The 
root file system is different from root home directory.
	In other words the partition which is mounted into / is your choice.  For 
example, the /etc/fstab of my machine is :

/dev/hda2        swap             swap        defaults         0   0
/dev/hda3        /                ext3        defaults         1   1
/dev/hda4        /home/           ext3        defaults         1   2
/dev/hdd2        /home/oldsystem          ext3        defaults         1   2

	If  i set root file system it is /dev/hda3.  I think it is enough.
	Good luck.

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