Writing simple "hiworld" server using L4Env packages

chenggh chenggh04 at st.lzu.edu.cn
Tue Apr 10 16:43:53 CEST 2007

> Is there available l4env "programming tutorial", some notes from
> lectures provided at TU-Dresden, or some more advanced "example"
> server code that could be modified without much knowledge of l4env
> specifics?
	Sorry, As i know there is not existing l4env programming tutorial. 
> I've found the BID tutorial, but for me it would be more helpful
> to know what basic functions, libraries, data types can be used,
> and how. (e.g. the hello world example could be modified)
> Could someone please show me the right way to go?
	Yes, the BID tutorial is very helpful. But it could give you a small example 
about how the l4 application is created and running.
> I'm running out of time, so I would really appreciate all help :)
> Right now I'm working on benchmarking L4Linux and native Linux
> to get idea of the overhead. And It would be interesting to
> get idea of the performance when apps/servers are running on L4
> kernel without the L4Linux overhead.
	Do you aim at porting a Linux application on top of L4 kernel without 
L4Linux ?  What is the function of your application?

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