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Wed Apr 18 19:50:31 CEST 2007

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> Is there an automated regression test suite for L4 that covers all (or most of) the features of the l4 kernel?  Is there also an automated benchmarking suite?
> These would be great tools to have available for people who are porting the kernel to new platforms/dev boards, or for people who are looking to tweak/play with the kernel.

Since L4/Fiasco is a microkernel, you probably don't only want to test
certain kernel features but only the services provided by basic servers
such as the L4Env.

Currently, our only existing test facility are the ptests you can find in
some of the L4 packages from our remote SVN. These tests run user-defined
scenarios on Fiasco-UX, the user-space version of Fiasco. The output is
then compared to the expected output for this test and we can thereby
detect whether changes to the system made some of the applications fail.
However, ptests don't (and maybe cannot) cover all the software.

We have some ideas on unit testing, but these are not implemented yet. We
have CUnit ( running in non-interactive mode
and if there is time, we are going to provide it along with unit tests for
libraries and servers.

If you would like to contribute ideas or implementation for the issues you
mentioned, we would really appreciate that.

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