L4Linux without L4Loader

Daniel Vandersee dvandersee at escrypt.com
Wed May 2 14:48:21 CEST 2007


> Basically, the Loader sets up an L4Env infopage that contains some 
> information about the application's environment. (See 
> l4/pkg/l4env/include/env.h). I think you will be able to find the few 
> locations where this is done in our Loader. If you have questions, feel 
> free to ask.

are there any further steps required in order to start L4env binaries? I
created a new L4env infopage and passed its address as well as mb_flag
(which is set to ~L4UTIL_MB_VALID) to the task's trampoline. In this
case the semaphore initialization fails and the task terminates. When
using L4UTIL_MB_VALID instead, the task starts as expected but
l4env_get_infopage() returns null.

> *compmgrt| [D2.0] semaphore/lib/src/semaphore.c:516:l4semaphore_init():
> *compmgrt|  Error: L4semaphore: failed to create semaphore thread: invalid argum
> *compmgrt: ent (-3)!
> *compmgrt| Startup: semaphore lib initialization failed (-1)!

Do I have to set up the section array of the infopage as well?


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