What is the modifications of latest L4 packages?

chenggh chenggh04 at st.lzu.edu.cn
Mon May 21 23:17:00 CEST 2007

	Several months ago I downloaded the l4 packages which are much more packages 
than them now. 
	This was the snapshot of l4 pkg directory several months ago. In total there 
are 100 directories.

COPYING        dm_generic/     input/                linux-24-headers/            
oskit_support_l4env/  slab/
CVS/           dm_mem/         ipreg/                linux-26-headers/            
overlay_wm/           socket_linux/
Makefile       dm_phys/        l4con/                loader/                      
pci/                  stepper_motor/
arm_drivers/   dmon/           l4env/                local_socks/                 
petze/                tftp/
bootstrap/     dope/           l4ide/                lock/                        
pingpong/             thread/
c++-examples/  dsi/            l4io/                 log/                         
presenter/            thread_linux/
cpu_reserve/   dsi_example/    l4rm/                 log_net/                     
proxygon/             uclibc/
crtx/          dsi_staticfs/   l4sys/                lxfuxlibc/                   
qt3/                  uclibc++/
cxx/           events/         l4util/               names/                       
rmgr/                 uclibc_r/
cxx_linux_io/  exec/           l4vfs/                nethub/                      
roottask/             verner/
cxx_log_io/    flips/          ldso/                 nitpicker/                   
rt_mon/               x86emu/
dde_linux/     generic_blk/    libc_backends_l4env/  omega0/                      
rtc/                  zlib/
dde_linux26/   generic_fprov/  libc_support/         ore/                         
demangle/      generic_io/     libpng/               oskit10_support/             
dice_hello/    generic_ts/     libsigma0/            oskit10_support_l4env/       
dietlibc/      hello/          libstdc++/            
oskit10_support_l4env_full/  signal/
dietlibc_r/    hello_cxx/      libvfb/               oskit_support/               
	But now there are only 47 directories as following:

COPYING     dm_generic/   generic_fprov/  l4io/           libc_backends_l4env/  
log/        roottask/   slab/      zlib/
Makefile    dm_mem/       generic_io/     l4rm/           libc_support/         
lxfuxlibc/  rtc/        tftp/
bootstrap/  dm_phys/      generic_ts/     l4sys/          libsigma0/            
names/      semaphore/  thread/
crtx/       dope/         input/          l4util/         linux-24-headers/     
omega0/     serial/     uclibc/
cxx/        events/       l4con/          ldso/           loader/               
pci/        sigma0/     uclibc_r/
demangle/   generic_blk/  l4env/          libc_backends/  lock/                 
proxygon/   simple_ts/  x86emu/

	What is the modifications of L4 architectures and what is the aim ?  But 
there is no new version of Fiasco to be published.

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