[NITPICKER] Porting X.org 1.1.1 to use NitPicker

Clermont, Nicolas nicolas.clermont at eads.com
Tue May 22 10:59:46 CEST 2007

Hi Norman,

> Hi Nicolas,
> I managed to reproduce your issue with the non-working refresh of the 
> X11 windows with Xorg of the latest Debian unstable. The problem was 
> an API change of the shadowfb Module of Xorg from version 7.0 to the
current version. I updated the drivers ovlscreen_drv.so and lxevent_drv.so
>   overlay_wm/examples/xf86screen/ and
>   overlay_wm/examples/xf86input/

Wondeful ! Thanks a lot Norman, I was going to test your proposed solutions
(just coming back from holiday).
I'll update from Dresden svn and have a try of your updates to see if all
work for me. 

> Frank Mehnert's up-to-date PSLIM driver in 'l4con/examples/xf86_stub'
> was a very good reference for finding the problem. The updated drivers 
> should be available at our public SVN repository soon.

Thanks for the tip, I will have a look. 

> > So we have started with a Linux installation (Gentoo Linux), after 
> > what we have installed Fiasco, L4Env and L4Linux (2.6.20, next 
> > 2.6.21, on top on our recently installed Gentoo, reusing its 
> > filesystem). To test our installation, we first use L4Con, but the 
> > mouse moves were extremely slow; so next we use DOpE, and it was 
> > cool, all worked (network and hard disk via L4Linux, not Ore... Oh 
> > is there exist a multiplexer, as Ore, for hard disk ?). But of 
> > course, the desktop-in-window aproach does
> To my knowledge, there is no hard-disk multiplexer available.

Maybe my next step ... ;)

> > not fully satisfied us, we want a fullscreen aproach so we start 
> > investigating on NitPicker.
> >  
> > The problem is that all tutorials related to NitPicker + X.org are 
> > based on a quite-old version of X.org, before the X.org team adopted 
> > the modular approach. So we decide to port the last X.org (1.1.1) to 
> > use NitPicker, following instructions found at 
> > http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/pipermail/l4-hackers/2007/002774.html
> >  
> > First we compiled the nitpicker-client ovlwm server, nitovlwm. Then 
> > we install into the L4Linux the lxevent program, started after Linux 
> > kernel boot, with creation of /dev/lxevent, and the ovltrack 
> > program, started via .xinitrc. We had to change a little the 
> > Makefile of ovltrack by adding the -Bdynamic option in LIBS. We 
> > compiled and generated lxevent_drv.o (X.org mouse driver in 
> > xorg.conf). The last step was generating the X.org screen driver, 
> > ovlscreen_drv.o. The changes toward previous versions occurs at this 
> > step, as now X.org is modular and consists in several small 
> > packages. But after resolving a lot of include path problems, 
> > importing the needed X.org package to compile the driver, we got the 
> > driver ovlscreen_drv.o compiled and copy it into the L4Linux filesystem,
modifying xorg.conf to use this driver.
> > Also we use NitDope, so L4fb driver in L4Linux that creates /dev/fb0.
> I am amazed of how far you went on your own without even asking one 
> question. Respect! :-) Good luck with the updated drivers.
> Best regards
> Norman

Thanks Norman, it makes me great pleasure to read this from you (respect for
your job, be it NitPicker, DOpE, Bastei, ... That's amazing ! ;)). Also
thanks for your help and your time. I have no doubt that the updated drivers
will work for me (I'll confirme you as soon as I have all the stuff

Best regards,


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