L4 implementations

Shams shams at orcon.net.nz
Sun Jun 3 21:43:12 CEST 2007

Thanks for the info.

1. After reading up on http://www.ok-labs.com/ I still couldn't find the 
following info.

Does OKL4 only run on ERTOS or can it run on other architectures like 
eg. PowerPC, IA32, IA64, see: http://l4ka.org/projects/pistachio/?

2. Since OKL4 is evolving as a commercial project (and being a descendant of 
how much contribution is OKL4 making back to the L4 community in particular 
in terms of API, ABI, Architecture, Documentation etc, I mean for 
significant commercial
improvements to OKL4 are most/some of them integrated back into 

3. Also if L4-V4/L4.Pistachio evolves then doe the changes get followed 
through into

4. So OKL4 can be used commercially or in a research environment (free of 
charge) but if one
wants commercial support/development then they have to pay for it, right? 
Sorry just getting my
BSD license understanding clarified.


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