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Gernot Heiser wrote:
>>>>>> On Fri, 8 Jun 2007 13:05:36 +1200, "Shams" <shams at orcon.net.nz> said:
> S> Hi,
> S> 1. Also is OKL4 the one and only commercially implementaed
> S> and supported version of L4?
> Depends what you call "commercially implementaed". I understand that
> Pistachio and Fiasco are used in some commercial projects, and there
> are commercial (closed-source) L4 clones. However, I'm not aware of
> any company specifically providing professional support for any other
> open-source L4 versions.
There is another commercial version of L4, which however only implements 
a subset of the API: P4. This is a closed source solution by SysGo: At 
www.sysgo.com follow the PikeOS link in Products for more information.


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