How can Minix 3 be so small

Jorge Torres jorge.torres.maldonado at
Tue Jun 26 17:20:41 CEST 2007

Hi Hendrik,

Pistachio is about 10000 loc, I can't think of why in such difference.
Pistachio makes a huge effort on portability so probably having such a good
ABI-API segregation makes it longer in loc. but that is just a guess, do you
know about IPC performance differences between MINIX and L4?



On 6/26/07, Hendrik Tews <H.Tews at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just noticed that the Minix 3 kernel is under 4000 lines. I
> couldn't easily find numbers for Pistachio, but I guess it is
> comparable to Fiasco, which is about 15.000 lines (without the
> kernel debugger).
> Could anybody explain why Fiasco is so big in comparison with
> Minix 3? From the difference in size I would expect that there is
> an essential difference in the feature set between Minix 3 and
> Fiasco. Or are the Minix lines just four times longer on average?
> Bye,
> Hendrik
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