How can Minix 3 be so small

Alan Grimes agrimes at
Wed Jun 27 05:42:27 CEST 2007

There can't be any valid comparison between L4 and minix because the IPC
mechanisms on Minix are obscenely crippled. They managed to wrestle
defeat out of the jaws of a triumphant victory...  =((((

The problem with L4 on the other hand is that it doesn't have an
operating system wrapped around it in order to make it usable... I have
a number of earth-shaking projects that I want to develop but can't for
lack of a reasonably good IPC mechanism and no way to develop for L4 for
reason of it's obfuscated system libraries and no development
environment. =(((

Got a counterexample of an installable and usable L4 development system?

Opera: Sing it loud! :o(  )>-<

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