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ComputerScienceStudent wrote:
> I'm an universitary computer science student and I've to do some benchmarks
> on microkernel's OS.
> Because I'd not ever install, or try to do something similar, a OS like
> this, before I try to do an installation by my own,
> I prefer to ask someone who is a specialist in these stuff.

Have you had a look at the documentation which is available on our website? -> Research

Before doing benchmarks on a system you don't know, you should get yourself
familiar with its concepts. For DROPS, especially have a look at Fiasco,
L4Env and L4Linux to get an understanding of what the differences are.

> I've to install L4 on my portable computer: in this machine I've already
> installed Windows XP and Suse10.2.
> Now, the question is: do I have to install L4 on Suse? Is there anothr way
> like install L4Linux?

You cannot install L4Linux on Suse, because L4Linux is an OS running on top
of an L4 microkernel. You can download and compile L4Linux on your Suse
installation. Thereafter you need to install it and boot the system
separately. Anyway, you will probably be able to use your Suse installation
as the system running on top of the L4Linux kernel.

> I understand that L4Linux is the L4 microkernel with the Linux kernel over
> it.. so I think that installing this distribution I can
> hold my old OSs on the the computer and simply I will create an entry in the
> bootloader to select the new one.

L4Linux is _not_ the microkernel, but a paravirtualized version of Linux
running on top of the L4/Fiasco microkernel.

> Please, someone help me.. I'm in crisis.. :-|

The L4Env development overview can be a good starting point:

Thereafter have a look at our website and if you have more specific
questions, we are happy to help.

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