Run L4linux on ARM platform

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Tue Jul 3 20:47:43 CEST 2007


On Tue Jul 03, 2007 at 16:46:27 +0800, kashin Lin wrote:
> i am a new hand to do this...
> so i really need some help & suggestions.
> this is my GOAL : run ( port )  L4linux on ARM platform (ARM920T-S3C2410)
> ( the link of that platform : PreSOCes-C in
> )
> i have some question:
> 1. i know L4Linux must run with l4(fiasco) & l4env.but when i want to
> download L4Linux  from
> , instead of module "
> l4linux", svn only has module "l4linux-2.6-env".
>   so i am confused that is this module(l4linux-2.6-env) contains L4Linux +
> fiasco + l4env or just L4Linux or not at all???
>    or give me a suggestion about what i should download to achieve my goal

I've just improved the website a bit to be more correct. L4Linux has a
different repository. So, you need l4linux from the l4linux repository
and l4linux-2.6-env from the tudos repository.

> 2. to achieve my goal, i guess the process should be:
>    cross-compile source code to image ¡÷ load the image to target 
>    platform ¡÷
> modify bootloader to boot from l4linux ¡÷ finish
>    is this process right ?
>    should i modify any file before cross-compiling l4linux?
>    are there any thing i should take care about?

Running system software on custom hardware nearly always needs adaptions
to this hardware. Fiasco must support the interrupt controller, timer,
UART of the platform to work at all. Looking at the website I fear that
all of this must be implemented first. I'm not familiar with hw from
this vendor. But as there's Linux available for this platform this
should be doable.

Adam                 adam at

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