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Fri Jul 13 19:17:36 CEST 2007


i have some questions again.

my building sequence is :
in l4_all/kernel/fiasco
1. make BUILDDIR=../../build/fiasco

in l4_all/build/fiasco
2.  make menuconfig

in l4_all/l4
3. make config O=../build/l4env
4. make O=../build/l4env

my questions :
1. when i issue make in l4/ to build the L4 userland, does it automatic
build fiasco subsequently?

2. if yes, is its default output path for fiasco l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build?

  ( after the operations mentioned above, i find there are some new files in
l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build )
  but my configuration for fiasco is in l4_all/build/fiasco, is this auto
build operation based on my config?
  or i should set BUILDDIR to l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build?

when config l4linux:
  according to,
there are some options we shouldn't enable
  ex: like ACPI, SMP, preemption, apic/ioapic, HPET, highmem, MTRR, MCE,
power management and similar.

1. does those options are default unable? or we should unable manually?
2. what does "similar" mean?

thanks for answering.
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