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Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Jul 13 23:40:04 CEST 2007


On Sat Jul 14, 2007 at 01:17:36 +0800, kashin Lin wrote:
> my building sequence is :
> ======================================
> in l4_all/kernel/fiasco
> 1. make BUILDDIR=../../build/fiasco
> in l4_all/build/fiasco
> 2.  make menuconfig
> in l4_all/l4
> 3. make config O=../build/l4env
> 4. make O=../build/l4env
> ======================================
> my questions :
> 1. when i issue make in l4/ to build the L4 userland, does it automatic
> build fiasco subsequently¡H
> 2. if yes, is its default output path for fiasco l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build?

Yes, a default configuration is built into kernel/fiasco/build upon make
in the l4 directory if not configured otherwise (see the L4
configuration menu).
>  ( after the operations mentioned above, i find there are some new files in
> l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build )
>  but my configuration for fiasco is in l4_all/build/fiasco, is this auto
> build operation based on my config?

No, it's a default build.

>  or i should set BUILDDIR to l4_all/kernel/fiasco/build?

No. The way you build the kernel is fine.

> when config l4linux:
>  according to,
> there are some options we shouldn't enable
>  ex: like ACPI, SMP, preemption, apic/ioapic, HPET, highmem, MTRR, MCE,
> power management and similar.
> 1. does those options are default unable? or we should unable manually?
> 2. what does "similar" mean?

With this statement I'm trying to express that for L4Linux one should
_not_ enable any option that is close to the hardware, such as ACPI,
HPET, MTRR etc. Remember, L4Linux is a normal user program and as such
has no business doing anything with timer hardware or interrupt
controller or similar. On the other side, you can enable e.g. any
filesystem you like.

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