About build of L4Linux

Lin bugeaterk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 14:49:19 CEST 2007

> Ok, looks like I need to have a look. Can you make all binaries and
> files that you load with GRUB + the menu.lst entry available to me?
> Then I'll have a look myself...

Thanks, I attached the files to the mail sent to you only (because of
its large size).
It is a tar compressed archive (L4Linux.tar) and the size of it is about 13MB.

  o L4Linuxs : This directory includes binaries. The path is "/boot/L4Linuxs".
  o menu.lst : The GRUB menu list file (grub.conf).

By the way, the L4Linux binary without DOpE made with my old
configuration (like one I sent few days ago, which produces a large

vmlinux binary) doesn't stop there.
But it prints some errors on the way and then aborts (because of some
modules ?).
So, I think the cause of hanging is in the L4Linux configuration about
some drivers, is it right ?


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