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Tue Jul 31 23:59:56 CEST 2007


On Tue Jul 31, 2007 at 03:11:51 -0700, ComputerScienceStudent wrote:
> These are the sources that I've downloaded (and where I've placed them): 
> /root/l4-linux-2.6 
> /root/l4-linux-2.6-env 
> /root/fiasco 
> /root/l4env 
> /root/hello 

What did you do to download the l4env, hello and l4-linux-2.6-env
directories? (What's in those directories?)

> I want to install L4Linux creating an entry on GRUB, because I've to work
> also with Suse 10.2 and Windows XP (the OSs installed on my notebook), but I
> haven't do anything similar in my own life!
> My question is: how to install L4Linux?
> Meaning: 
> How to compiling, building and in what order? 

First build l4env, then L4Linux. Building Fiasco is independent, so
build it anytime you want.

> How to modifying the GRUB bootloader to preserve my old configuration of
> OSs? 

GRUB has a configuration file which can be edited freely. Please refer
to the L4Linux website for examples.

> What I would like to have is that at the boot, the bootloader ask me if I
> want to go in Suse, Windows or L4Linux..
> Thank a lot for every suggestion you'll give me!! 
> PS. Once that I've do all my jobs -is a research for an universitary course-

What sort of course is that, btw?

> can I return to have only Suse 10.2 and Windows XP? 

Sure, just delete the entry in the GRUB configuration file.

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