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Thu Aug 9 00:40:22 CEST 2007


On Wed Aug 08, 2007 at 08:53:53 -0700, ComputerScienceStudent wrote:
> I've to load the modules with GRUB and I haven't found the "main" and
> "l4exec" ones.

main means fiasco and l4exec is gone, it's not used any more.

> I've followed all the steps and suggestions you'd give me and the
> compiling/building of l4 environment and l4linux produces the vmlinuz
> compressed image, without encountering any problems.
> This is my entry in GRUB (based on this 
> paper , page 18):

Seems outdated.

> title L4Linux26/Fiasco+dope
> root (hd0,6)
> kernel /boot/L4Linux/bootstrap
> modaddr 0x06000000
> module /boot/L4Linux/main -nowait -nokdb -serial_esc -comspeed 115200
> -comport 1
> module /boot/L4Linux/sigma0
> module /boot/L4Linux/roottask task modname "bmodfs" attached 4 modules
> module /boot/L4Linux/events
> module /boot/L4Linux/names --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/log --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/dm_phys --isa=0x00800000 -v --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/simple_ts -t 300 --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/rtc --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/l4io --noirq --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/l4exec --events
> module /boot/L4Linux/l4dope --l4io --menubar --transparency
> module /boot/L4Linux/loader --fprov=BMODFS linux26.cfg
> module /boot/L4Linux/bmodfs
> module /boot/L4Linux/vmlinuz
> module /boot/L4Linux/linux26.cfg
> module /boot/L4Linux/
> module /boot/L4Linux/
> vbeset 0x117 506070
> PS. The paths are different from mine, because I haven't copied the modules
> all together; I prefer to work in this way..

That's ok.

Also, the --noirq option for l4io and the --l4io option for dope are
also gone. The -nowait option to Fiasco is also gone, there's a -wait
option now. -comspeed 115200 and -comport 1 are the default, btw.

> PS2. The file linux26.cfg has this content:
> task "vmlinuz26" "earlyprintk=yes mem=256M video=l4fb root=/dev/hda2"
> all_sects_writable
> allow_cli

Ok. I recommend to remove the allow_cli.

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