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Thu Aug 9 23:45:23 CEST 2007

On Thu Aug 09, 2007 at 09:41:09 -0700, ComputerScienceStudent wrote:
> Good evening, it's me.. :-D
> Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
> > 
> > main means fiasco and l4exec is gone, it's not used any more.
> > 
> Ok, so I've substituited main with fiasco (in the tools directory) and
> removed the line with the l4exec.
> Also, the --noirq option for l4io and the --l4io option for dope are
> > also gone. The -nowait option to Fiasco is also gone, there's a -wait
> > option now. -comspeed 115200 and -comport 1 are the default, btw.
> Followed the suggestions and I've removed the options that are gone
> (--noirq, --l4io and --nowait) and removed the default options (-comspeed
> and -comport).
> Ok. I recommend to remove the allow_cli.
> Deleted..
> Now, the output on screen seems to be the same! :confused:
> After the loading of the modules it reports these lines:
> .
> .
> .
> Relocated mbi to [0x2000-0x240c]
> Loading ╝☺
> => can't load module (no ELF executable)
> Loading
> Loading
> find kernel info page...
> could not find kernel info page, maybe your kernel is too old
> Key press reboots...
> Maybe the l4env aren't too updated and I've to download, compile and build
> the hello package  with the
> updated fiasco? So I use the module fiasco that this compiling/building
> produces -probably is newer and better?-..

If you used svn you should have recent enough sources.

Your output looks really strange, as bootstrap would try to load garbled
memory. There should be some paths after 'Loading'. So, just start with
a really small test which keeps things simple:

kernel .../bootstrap -serial
modaddr 0x2000000
modules .../fiasco -serial_esc
modules .../sigma0
modules .../roottask
modules .../hello

This should print you many "Hello World" messages on the screen. Does
this work?

Adam                 adam at

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