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ComputerScienceStudent skitmax81 at
Fri Aug 10 18:43:36 CEST 2007

Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
>> Now, the output on screen seems to be the same! :confused:
>> After the loading of the modules it reports these lines:
>> .
>> .
>> .
>> Relocated mbi to [0x2000-0x240c]
>> Loading ╝☺
>> => can't load module (no ELF executable)
>> Loading
>> Loading
>> find kernel info page...
>> could not find kernel info page, maybe your kernel is too old
>> Key press reboots...
>> Maybe the l4env aren't too updated and I've to download, compile and
>> build
>> the hello package  with
>> the
>> updated fiasco? So I use the module fiasco that this compiling/building
>> produces -probably is newer and better?-..
> If you used svn you should have recent enough sources.
> Your output looks really strange, as bootstrap would try to load garbled
> memory. There should be some paths after 'Loading'. 

..I've notice that I didn't patch GRUB.. maybe the problems start here.. so:
    a) The version is 0.97
    b) To patch there are to download it, download the latest patch
(grub-0.97-os.5.diff) and do:
             I - patch -p0 < grub-0.97-os.5.diff
            II - ./configure; make; make install
           III - grub-install /dev/sda7

Now, my questions are:
   1) Where can I find informations about where is the GRUB installed?
   -- 2) I've tried but there are errors with make.. --

I'm scared to manage it.. 8-O

> So, just start with
> a really small test which keeps things simple:
> kernel .../bootstrap -serial
> modaddr 0x2000000
> modules .../fiasco -serial_esc
> modules .../sigma0
> modules .../roottask
> modules .../hello

Ehm.. :-(( there isn't the hello module.. then I've downloaded the hello
package only to compile/build it and retreive the hello module.. by the way,
the output (hello or not hello), is this:

startup(l4util_mb_info_t*, l4_umword_t, void *):Assertion 'mbi -> flags &
0x00000008' failed.

Key press reboots...

It reboots without any pression of key (maybe the -serial option?) and ok,
no problem, but I don't comprehend what's up.. a doubt: the addresses are
right? Because I've seen that the modaddr that we use in this example is of
7 digits..

You should be angry with me, but for me it's the first time that I do these
stuffs.. sorry..

Renew thank you..
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