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On Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 03:28:50 -0700, ComputerScienceStudent wrote:
> I restart all the things with downloading the l4linux-2.6 and the l4env.. to
> create the kernel image "vmlinuz" I have to
> configure without PCI.. in other ways the compiling/building doesn't work..
> my disk is SCSI-SerialATA.. for completition
> this the ".config" is at the end of this message.. 

You need to enable PCI to use your SATA disk. You can enable PCI but you
have to use PCI_DIRECT mode.

> I want to be sure that the kernel image that the process that I had create
> is right!
> Note: I haven't changed the paths of neither of the files in these
> directories downloaded.
> I have the two directories /DROPS (dice  kernel  l4  l4linux-2.6  tools) and
> /DROPS_build (bin  doc  include  lib  pkg  source  tool).
> When you say that I've to try with loading some module I find difficult to
> locate where they are..

Was that about rtc? Then I meant you go to /DROPS/l4/pkg and to svn up

> What I would like to have is a simple console to load lmbench or other
> programs to make some benchmarks, benchmarks
> that I want to compile/build in the same ways, as seems that I'm using a
> Linux console; I'm not interested to have sound, video
> card effects or networking.. the test will be offline, and very simple!

Yes, some notes. Fiasco prints out red lines right after the banner.
Configure the kernel so that those options go away before doing any
serious benchmarks.
Further, don't use l4con or dope, just use VGA and a text console.
Otherwise you should make _really_ clear what you are actually

> A note: when I've installed the L4Ka::Pistachio I've loaded the modules to
> do the "pingpong" without any kind of error.. if Fiasco
> give us a lot of problems with my notebook, is it possible to load L4Linux
> using Pistachio? Maybe we can try this way.. 

No, that's not possible. Note that running L4Linux is a 'bit' more
complicated than just running pingpong.

> Before trying this, I prefer to ask you.. thaaaanks for your attention and
> patience!!
> PS. For "Hello World" the output is the same (in bold the differences), with
> typing "module" (and not "modules") and -modaddr in the same line of
> bootstrap:
> .
> .
> .
> Relocated mbi to [0x2000-0x20bf]
> Loading <-- Without symbols
> => can't load module (no ELF executable)
> Loading
> Loading
> find kernel info page..
> could not find kernel info page, maybe your kernel is too old
> Key press reboots...
> These are the entries on menu.lst of GRUB:
> title L4Linux on Fiasco (Hello World - DROPS)
>     root (hd0,6)
>     kernel /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/bootstrap -serial -modaddr 0x2000000
>     module /DROPS/l4/tool/runux/fiasco -serial_esc

What's that? You are supposed to give the fiasco image built for ia32
native here, i.e. /DROPS/kernel/fiasco/build.../fiasco and the _not_ the
Fiasco-UX shell script wrapper!

>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_56/l4v2/sigma0

>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/l4v2/roottask
>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/l4v2/hello

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