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Fri Aug 24 12:54:10 CEST 2007

Hi Adam! Thanks for the fast answer!

Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
> You need to enable PCI to use your SATA disk. You can enable PCI but you
> have to use PCI_DIRECT mode.


>> I want to be sure that the kernel image that the process that I had
>> create
>> is right!
>> Note: I haven't changed the paths of neither of the files in these
>> directories downloaded.
>> I have the two directories /DROPS (dice  kernel  l4  l4linux-2.6  tools)
>> and
>> /DROPS_build (bin  doc  include  lib  pkg  source  tool).
>> When you say that I've to try with loading some module I find difficult
>> to
>> locate where they are..
> Was that about rtc? Then I meant you go to /DROPS/l4/pkg and to svn up
> rtc

..I don't have really understand this sentence.. :thinking:
Observing the structure I've got this directory..  go to .config  to control if I've set
wrong this options about RTC..

>> What I would like to have is a simple console to load lmbench or other
>> programs to make some benchmarks, benchmarks
>> that I want to compile/build in the same ways, as seems that I'm using a
>> Linux console; I'm not interested to have sound, video
>> card effects or networking.. the test will be offline, and very simple!
> Yes, some notes. Fiasco prints out red lines right after the banner.
> Configure the kernel so that those options go away before doing any
> serious benchmarks.
> Further, don't use l4con or dope, just use VGA and a text console.
> Otherwise you should make _really_ clear what you are actually
> benchmarking!

I upload the .config  so you
can take your conclusions about the correctness of my modifications..

>> These are the entries on menu.lst of GRUB:
>> title L4Linux on Fiasco (Hello World - DROPS)
>>     root (hd0,6)
>>     kernel /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/bootstrap -serial -modaddr 0x2000000
>>     module /DROPS/l4/tool/runux/fiasco -serial_esc
    =) module /DROPS/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco -serial_esc

> What's that? You are supposed to give the fiasco image built for ia32
> native here, i.e. /DROPS/kernel/fiasco/build.../fiasco and the _not_ the
> Fiasco-UX shell script wrapper!
>>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_56/l4v2/sigma0
>                                ^^^^^^^^^^^
> 			        typo
>'re right!!

>>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/l4v2/roottask
>>     module /DROPS_build/bin/x86_586/l4v2/hello

Here is the link to the
.config  of L4Linux.

However, the vmlinuz was be created correctly.


The output when booting is:
API Version: (87) experimental
Sigma0 config ip:001048a8 sp:002c9760
Roottask config ip:00110000 sp:00000000
Starting kernel /DROPS/kernel/fiasco/build/fiasco at 0030082c

Comport 0x0001 is not accepted by the uart driver!

Welcome to Fisco (ia32)!
DD-L4(v2)/ia32 microkernel (C) 1998-2007 TU Dresden
Rev: rUNKNOWN compiled with gcc 4.1.0 for Intel Pentium [ ]
Performance-critical config option(s) detected:

Enabling special fully nested mode for PIC

Assertion failed: '0'
  in /DROPS/kernel/fiasco/src/abi/kip.cpp:126
  at f00175d1

Press any key to reboot.

So, are there problems in the configuration of L4? Where is the .config of
L4? I don't find where to set ON the CONFIG_NDEBUG option using make
menuconfig during the compiling/building..

Faithfully yours, Massimo.
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