some questions in the l4 config

chenggh chenggh04 at
Wed Aug 29 23:33:45 CEST 2007

	Thanks. There are still some questions about the l4 config

	 In the drops home directory we could use `make -C l4 config O=./build` to 
enter the l4 configuration interface. There are some options I don't 
understand as following:
        Target Architecture  ---
                        (x86) Target Architecture
	This option is ok and there are 3 options to be chosen.
                        CPU type: "586"         
	This option is confused because it depends on our input. For example If my 
cpu is pentim4 can I input p4 in the CPU type?  In this place is there 
avaiable small cpu type set? 
                (L4.V2)  ABI 
                        (X) L4.V2
                        ( ) L4.X2
                        ( ) L4.Sec.(V2.emu)
                        ( ) Linux
                There are four options to be chosen. L4.v2, L4.X2 and L4.sec 
are explained  in other documents. But I choose Linux in this place what can 
we do?

													Cheng Guanghui

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