roottask boot panic

sunshine007 kallui.77 at
Wed Sep 5 06:04:12 CEST 2007

Hi huang, 

sorry i can't answer ur question. 
i also have the problem as u right now.
which type of L4linux running u using ? Standalone ? or using ramdisk ?
can u show me ur linux.cfg code? 
or can anyone here who have succedded run L4linux especialy by using the
standalone / ramdisk setup show us their menu.lst code and linux.cfg code ?
also the configuration of the L4linux....especially when we type "make
menuconfig" ....which of the standard configuration use to run L4linux ?
my machine have TPM chip 1.2 in it. It is i need to do different L4linux
configuration ? what i did just now, is On and activate the TPM chip. IT
anything else i need to configure if i have TPM chip 1.2 to run L4linux on
top of Fiasco ?
Sorry too many question, i am also new in this area.


huang-2 wrote:
> dear all:
>        I met the problem of roottask boot panic, do you know what's the
> reason?
>        The output is:
>        Roottask.
>        Roottask boot panic: invalid KIP magic 00000001
>        [Esc] reboot, [k] kdebug, [M] memory map, [r] region map
>        and my menu.lst is:
>        title hello world
> 		kernel (hd0,0)/fiasco/bootstrap
> 		modaddr 0x02000000
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/fiasco -nokdb -nowait
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/sigma0
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/roottask
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/log
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/names
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/dm_phys
> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/names_demo
>         Best wishes! 				
>         huang
>         learnl4 at
>           2007-09-05
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