roottask boot panic

huang learnl4 at
Wed Sep 12 08:45:12 CEST 2007

hi,dear Adam:
       thanks a lot for your time and effort!
       You are right! But is there any difference if  I build the binaries in one run or not?
I still have another problem that may have the same reason as this one:
       If I unpack the fiasco kernel first and build it, I can run the hello(many_thread,many_tasks...) example successfully.
But when I unpack the l4env and build again, the hello package can not pass the compilation processs. I can not find the reason.

can you give me some advice?

best wishes!

>From:  Adam Lackorzynski <adam at>
>To:  l4-hackers at
>Subject:  Re: roottask boot panic
>Date:  Thu6 Sep 2007 10:01:42 +0200
>On Wed Sep 05, 2007 at 09:47:29 +0800, huang wrote:
>>        I met the problem of roottask boot panic, do you know what's the reason?
>>        The output is:
>>        Roottask.
>>        Roottask boot panic: invalid KIP magic 00000001
>>        [Esc] reboot, [k] kdebug, [M] memory map, [r] region map
>>        and my menu.lst is:
>>        title hello world
>> 		kernel (hd0,0)/fiasco/bootstrap
>> 		modaddr 0x02000000
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/fiasco -nokdb -nowait
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/sigma0
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/roottask
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/log
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/names
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/dm_phys
>> 		module (hd0,0)/fiasco/names_demo
>I just tried your binaries and I don't get your panic with Qemu. But I
>get another error later which seems to indicate that your binaries are
>not built in the same run. Is that correct?
>Adam                 adam at
>  Lackorzynski

        learnl4 at

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