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Fri Sep 14 14:57:29 CEST 2007

Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
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> This L4Linux is configured with the ore driver which tries to connect to
> the ore server. The ore server is a network server which switches
> network traffic between clients and network cards. As the ore server is
> not started the driver does not find it and thus fails to initialize the
> driver. That should not really harm.
> You should add earlyprintk=keep to the Linux kernel command line to get
> more output (add it in linux26.cfg). Unfortunately I don't know if the
> L4Linux you're using supports this, it's a compile configuration option.
> Additionally it's not clear to me whether this L4Linux supports VGA
> output and thus would print something itself (the earlyprintk will help
> in this case too).

'Morning Adam, 

I've added to the linux26.cfg the kernel option earlyprintk=keep (before
there were earlyprintk=yes),
but the output is the same..

How can I ignore the ORe server? I mean, how to have a L4Linux without this
server loaded..
Isn't there a kernel binary without ORe to download? Remember that I have
the OpenTC version..

Thanks for the help, Massimo. 

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