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Mon Sep 17 14:46:46 CEST 2007

Bjoern Doebel wrote:
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> Hey,
>>> How can I ignore the ORe server? I mean, how to have a L4Linux without
>>> this
>>> server loaded..
>>> Isn't there a kernel binary without ORe to download? Remember that I
>>> have
>>> the OpenTC version..
>> Just go to "L4Linux configuration" -> "Stub drivers" and disable "Network
>> driver for ORe".
> Hmm. This won't work of course, if you are using the binary version of the
> OTC stuff. My fault, sorry.
> There is no ORe-less binary of L4Linux in the OTC snapshot. If you want
> this, you need to download the source tarball and build this yourself.
> This
> should be pretty straightforward if you keep to the build instructions.
> Bjoern
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Excuse me Bjoern, I've to ask you: if I use the pre-built code of the
snapshot of 28/02/2007,
it's possible to run L4Linux without ORe?

I ask this because I've seen in the Download section that if I want to use
the ORe server, this
is used to make possible the communication between the two istance of
L4Linux on the
demo image.. so, in the "normal" February version, may L4Linux be without

This question is asked because I've encountered a problem.. if it isn't
really possible to use
the pre-built L4Linux without ORe, I'll show you and Adam what's the

Thanks, regards, Massimo.
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