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Mon Sep 17 19:13:47 CEST 2007

Bjoern Doebel wrote:
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> Hi,
>> Excuse me Bjoern, I've to ask you: if I use the pre-built code of the
>> snapshot of 28/02/2007,
>> it's possible to run L4Linux without ORe?
> Yes, it is possible to run L4Linux without the ORe server, but you won't
> be
> able to use networking, because the ORe driver is the only network driver
> that is enabled in this binary.
>> I ask this because I've seen in the Download section that if I want to
>> use
>> the ORe server, this
>> is used to make possible the communication between the two istance of
>> L4Linux on the
>> demo image.. so, in the "normal" February version, may L4Linux be without
>> ORe?
> Sorry, I don't understand the question.

Yes, I'm sorry for the not well formed sentence.. I wrote it fast..

What I would like to say is that, in the Download section of the website,
are two types of pre-built code for L4Linux (February):
1- L4Linux
2- Two instances of L4Linux with ORe for communication.

My question: I would ask you if the first kernel is with or without ORe..
The doubt become to me because there's also the second option specifically
with ORe.

> You may use the sources of the February OTC snapshot and compile L4Linux
> without the ORe driver. But of course, in this case you cannot use
> networking in multiple instances of L4Linux.
>> This question is asked because I've encountered a problem.. if it isn't
>> really possible to use
>> the pre-built L4Linux without ORe, I'll show you and Adam what's the
>> problem..
> What speaks against compiling from source?

I'll answer you soon..

> Regards,
> Bjoenr
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