Compiling L4Linux-2.6 without L4Env on L4::Fiasco

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Thu Dec 13 09:12:00 CET 2007

Ok thanks for the info.
How about the L4Linux-2.4. So far, i found info that it can be build on top Fiasco without L4Env, but the problem i wasn't able to get source codes of L4Linux 2.4 until now. 

May i know where can i get them?

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> I've got problem to compiling L4Linux-2.6 on Fiasco.
> For information, i didn't install L4Env package.
> Does it possible to install L4Linux-2.6 without L4Env, if so, may i
> a basic start to do that?

No. You need to build L4Env, too, because L4Linux is using L4Env as the
underlying paravirtualization layer. Just keep to the instructions on 
the website, then this should be fine.


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