Trouble with l4rm_region_cache slab

Marc CHALAND l4 at
Fri Jan 18 11:36:53 CET 2008


I got an application which crashes into slab_alloc (slab.c:358). After
some investigation, I've found the faulty slab : l4rm_region_cache.
slabs_part != NULL, free_objs == NULL and num_free == 2.

My first question is : do you agree this state should not happen ?

If yes, I've got the following solutions :
1. there's a bug in slab library,
2. there's a bug in l4rm grow function,
3. synchro problem.

It don't believe in 1 or 3. But, in fact, I don't understand l4rm grow

Another info : one of the analysed crash happened into l4thread_create.


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