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Lucyantie Mazalan lucyantie.mazalan at
Tue Jan 22 04:56:31 CET 2008

Hi all,


I am coding my encapsulation code for my own client-server application
package referring to DROPS (BID) tutorial (mine is own implementation).
I managed to compile the encapsulate code of mine but encounter an
undefined reference function error while compiling the client code which
refers the error to the call function [xy_call( ) - generated from the
idl (is in my xy-client file)]. I have certain that all of the files
related were included and double checked on my call function's
parameter. I have also 'make clean' my build dir and recompile. But
still I receive the same error. One might think this is stupid question,
but believe. It makes me crazy already. Need advice.






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